This fella was exhibited during the bird show back in September.

If there’s one fear that I should be working on to conquer in my life, that is to hold this fella like what this woman is doing. I remember the then show of Ryan Agoncillo Fear Factor, when this aspirant of theirs was left swimming in the pool full of live snakes, forgive my manners, but really wasn’t able to control myself, I really have thrown up, feeling wasted after. Sigh! Indeed, seems like I needed some hard work on this one.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

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  1. ngiii! just looking at it made me shiver!

  2. Haha, takot din ako sa ahas pahawakan na ako ng palaka huwag lang ahas..

  3. me goosebumps. i don't like to hold snakes either.

  4. oh brother...kahadlok ana te!

    musta na? sensya na jud tawon karon lang nakadalikyat...busy ang life man jud.

  5. I have fear of snakes too. Tried to overcome that fear by sitting beside a big python in Bohol but that's the best that I could do. Still couldn't touch it. No way! Lol!

    Have a great day Vernz!


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