I would feel my world is twirling every time I got up from my blogging desk, I suspect my eyes does not serve me right anymore, per household consultation, the findings are all the same so I went to see Tom, he’s an eye doctor at Jamora’s Eye Clinic here. I wasn’t surprised anymore that it was worst than the last time I had my eyes checked, I refused to have eyeglasses since I just don’t like the ‘feel’ of it. I once had used contact lenses, but my eyes got irritated, I always had teary eyes, so pulled  it out. But this time the doctor was serious, ‘if you want to blog more then you should put this on’. Prescribed under duress… lol.

So I got myself this frame, dang so expensive, but this one is the lightest, first times are always difficult … hehehe … thinking it does not do good, it made me dizzy even more, but eventually I got accustomed to it and true to its wonders, it really worked… hahahah…. ‘The Last Time I saw Mother’ is almost over, now flipping the last chapter. Love yah doc….

Anyway, should you have eye problems, you can always visit Jamora Optometric Clinic actually they have many branches all over Davao, but I love the convenience of their clinic at Victoria Plaza, they are not hard to locate, they’re shop have this distinctly Custom Logo Design, which you can easily find. I guess that’s the advantage of having logos that are unique and one of a kind, your shop will be easily remembered and recalled.

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  1. i have a new pair of reading glasses myself...well, not really new, it's about 2 months old. and super light-weight, too. titanium daw ito.:p the doc recommended progressive lens (parang nanay ko na! waaaaa) but i'm still on the denial stage. LOL so i have 2 pairs, one for reading, and one for driving.:p

  2. Hello Vernz, thanks for visiting my blog. I have a brother in Davao and I miss the city so much!! We are here in Thailand but will go home next year...=) keep blogging!

  3. hi verna ano yan paid commercial :) well it really been a while. di na ako nkaka pag blog hope like last six months ago. late na ako nakakauwi. but nice to visit you happy holiday!

  4. ayay! bongga man ka ug glasses te..branded man...ehehhee! na ako tawon, naa man pod ko eyeglasses...pero samukan man ko ug suot lagi woi...am sure lala na kau ning akong mata...ehehehe!

    tuod te, nag reply ko atong imong comment...hope you's check it...mwah!

  5. hi ate! mustamus?

    haguy pasensya najud karun pajud ko nakalanding sa imong mansion.... grabe jud ka busy sa akong beauty. in demand man gud kaayo diri..nyahahah!

    tuod te, about sa imong food blog, ga problema pud ko ate unsa akong isulat kay on diet raba ko karun wala koy mga pagkaun nga akong ma picturan para i post sa blog...waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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