I had my errands done earlier than scheduled today so I paid a visit a gay friend whom I hadn’t seen for quiet a while, but to be honest I had been avoiding him since I owe him a lot and had no time to pay him back, anyway after some gay salutations I find myself a seat near the TV, talking here and there I kept changing the channel, I landed on Nat Geo channel, I was stuck at seeing the making of the largest Casino in the world-Venetian, a 3,000-suite casino & hotel resort in Macao.

The figures the announcer has been talking simply awed me, so much of the world’s resources was spent to make such a magnificent structure, and how much of the world’s money go by the poker tables each night.

People who built this claimed that Venetian is the largest Casino destination in the world. But I understand there are those who choose not to be on the physical setting while gaming, there are those who choose sitting at the comforts of their couches at home playing live roulette, in fact it is more liberating than guarded gaming.

Well, if you’re this type then I suggest you visit live roulette online, it offers same thrill as playing it on physical casinos, and the best part is that it is free. You don’t need to go to Macao just to feel the excitement, there is also supercasino online, so why not try one today.

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  1. Nope, ala atik eh hahaha saka I'm afraid to lose lol..


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