Can't picture itself

More than the disappointment I was also loaded with lotssa paper to read on my desk last week - gone nuts actually. But, I'm just a human - a material human born to be pleased with things such as this .. I think I regained back my spirit having this toy on my hand. I actually don't know how to exploit this .. I hope I can come up with 'wow' shots in the coming days.

It can't picture itself .. a feature not available on NikonD5100 so I've taken out the lens cap ... I hope this name won't disappoint me... Some say it's good .. I pray so.. I went on bag|shoe|clothes diet just to have this ... hahah.

Thank you as always for taking time to drop by.. I appreciate it :)


  1. I love the camera! So happy that you finally have it.. well, though you suppressed yourself from other things you love, it's worth it! ;)

  2. waaah I've been wanting to get myself a DSLR too =D


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