Oyanguren Today!

Had several mom errands this morning - went to several places downtown to do what I'm supposed to do - I was wondering why there was a re-routing - sa dihang! Pot holes are all over Oyanguren Street, I guess it's this water district again that's digging the side roads ... this has been their project lately replacing old water pipes with new and bigger ones - I'd guess - the answer would be 'to serve you best'. 

I rode a jeepney - I usually ride jeepneys on errands not too urgent to save gas and save me sanity to finding dang parking space. Since it wasn't the usual jeepeney route, traffic jam was to be expected - I felt like a baked potato inside the jeepney, then out of the blue I heard this firetruck siren - some nosy guys at the sidewalk went shouting - sunog! sunog! all the more the jeepney stood.

So I went out of the jeep and walk away seeing the dark smoke in the sun. Glad sidewalks were shaded, when I finally reached my first destination - computer system was down - people were already lining up waiting to be served manually - finally I was served with rumbly tummy.

Got myself siopao and coke. aahhh! solved!

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  1. Nyahahahaha... na imagine na nako imo face Vernz hahaha.. maayo gani kay naay siopao ug coke diha..dugay-dugay nako wa ka adto ug oyanguren dah mao ng wa ko kabalo kung naunsa na na diha ahahaha.

    oi. btw: ingon diay Aliz, na ship na daw nya ang akoang daug..late na daw nya nabasa na ipa apil na lang sa akoa ang imo daug.. okay na daw ang iya contact form..visit daw sa iya kay ngayo sya address nimo hehehe.


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