The Yellow Cosmos

I can finally join memes ...

It's been a while that I haven't had decent photos on this side of town. Since I got a new toy now, I’m back with a blow … lol. This is just one of the colors my MIL’s yard has … I’m still trying to figure out how to use some of the functions of my cam … but I managed to get one – not so prof though – but in time, for sure. But for now - I’ll practice more. 

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  1. practicing every so often, yey! keep it up :)

    happy monday.

    take ur time,mam vernz :)

  2. I think you did well
    very pretty shots

  3. wow! hanep! hasta bubuyog kay klarex na kaayo..kamao na jud hehe.. nice na kaayo..

  4. Klarex pati ang term ni Kat lol.. Ganda ng mga kuha mo tVernz!

  5. Yup that is a pretty good one Vernz. Will let you discover why in the long run, shall I say about 3 months from now why you will gonna say this is not perfect for you, remember DSLR yan, and as you say marami ka pang hinde alam, will let you discover why. This will be fun fellow Nikonians! ^_^ Sana bigyan tayo nang pang-kape nang Nikon palagi nalang tayo advertise nang camera nila hehhehe. Remember ang assignment take at least 25 shots a day in only ONE subject ^_^

    In Memory

  6. These are good! I find yellow flowers tend to blow out so detail is lost--these are both perfectly exposed.

  7. Perfect shots! Flower with an insect on top of it...really captured it perfectly...Thanks for sharing..

    You can also visit mine and give some comment if you have time.thanks!

  8. nice shot :) I love the bright clear yellow of the flowers.

    Stopping by from the mellow yellow hop :) Have a great week! :)

  9. I planted a yellow Cosmos for the first time this year, not a lot of green flowers. I have a rose in the same bed, and bloom.


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