Liea and Barbie - best buds ever

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See that dog? That’s Barbie - a mixed breed of Pomeranian and a native dog - she’s my daughter’s best bud ever but several months back we had her adopted by a close aunt who just live next door its because her pulmo doctor said to refrain from getting close to Barbie for a while to prevent contacting dander and saliva that in effect would lessen her asthma attacks, that event really had taken a toll on her, we can see her sneaking out bringing dog stuff to the other house - but that’s best solution we can think than bringing Barbie to the pet shop.

We had Barbie around the house for two years, those were crazy years – aside from my daily steam cleaning routine,  I have to deal with a lot of their mess around after all their chasing, their eating and their whining. But more than that is Barbie’s collection of overstated dog fashion and accessories. OK, though complaining sometimes, I’m also delighted to see a pretty dog walking in polka dots.

Taking care of dogs is a concealed responsibility for children not to mention nurturing the virtue of kindness and gentleness a reason why we had Barbie, she too was included in our family’s priority list. Her vet schedules, her food which until now is still fed on Hill's Pet Nutrition. Though she’s not a house pet anymore, My daughter still bond with her after class since she just live next door, but not sleeping with her anymore.

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  1. Oh, so sad they had to be separated by allergy issues, but I'm so glad Barbie is nearby and can visit outdoors.
    Haven't seen you online for a while. I'm sure you're busy. I hope all is going well.
    — K


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