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When I was in college, I used to have a group, a fan group for our department’s basketball team, well, it goes without saying that we’re an all-girl group given that it was an all-male team that we’re cheering on. Gosh, it was one of the most awesome experiences I have in college – the cheers, the uniform, the women’s jersey, the girl bonding, the things we do to promote the group and the crushes - unforgettable. 

Fandom is sometimes one of the most misunderstood subcultures in our society, probably because fans do all what it takes to defend what their idols believe to be right and to be doing and to the fans it’s something worth believing. In the beginning, I was teeming prejudice, but when I got myself involved with our basketball cheerleading team, I simply understood and get carried by the streams of adrenalins coming out of my renals, it was great. And I’d like to believe it’s the same feeling as those people who rally round for a certain group, team or person – sometimes you even see them crazier than the player or the actor himself. 

Some would even spend a sizeable amount to sustain groups of this sort and take note – all these well-organized. Though some of my friends jeered at me during those times, I’d like to believe I transcended the mere idea of a follower, it’s because I have faith in the cause - sports and I was able to made friends – equally crazy friends during the whole time I was in the university. 

People out there, it’s not yet too late, you can storm the whole town in your game jerseys the next time your favorite sports team come whirling in town. 

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