This blog holds so much sentimental value in me. It's the first blog I ever created out of my life’s boringness, I didn’t even buy a domain for this and it still run on a free platform – I thought, it’s the safest that I can do to keep everything here without the worries of domain renewals and panic modes in rummaging for codes, except maybe if Mr. G will throw tantrums and would accidentally or intentionally delete this. But now I can’t believe my butt I’m running 12 blogs, it’s exhausting though, sometimes you run out of wit, you get your brain parched, can’t think nothing but blank – blogger’s block they say, but still have to type something or you’re a poor lad when cut-off comes. Yes, I was just so thankful that I’m making moolah out the blogs I’m running and I can’t thank myself enough for enduring sleepless nights and stretching patience over canned spam and scam.

I just wish I can pick back that courage that I lost somewhere to go on and continue updating and writing for this blog - more personal, more intense, more every week. 

Dear Lord, I ask nothing but inspiration every single day. Amen.

I’ll start this year right by heeding to Gandhi’s words;


Thank You for the comment. I appreciate it very much!
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