I was cleaning up my disk drive when I got across this photo. I remember I took this when I attended a wedding of one of my friends around here, this was just one of the vanity lighting Davao Convention and Trade Center had installed around the hall, their wedding event planner practically had turned the whole area into a lighted fantasy land, and it was real magical. Some of the table decorations weren’t expensive though but the lightings really had transformed the whole hall into a wonderland.

This event center is actually one of the havens of wedding receptions here, other than the superb food the whole area is adorned with contemporary lighting fixtures that tote up the mood of every event, even their bathroom have wall sconce lighting, awesome. 

I've long been convinced that lighting can really make or break a particular space, and in this case it really made the whole place exquisite.

So, the next time you plan an event, plans of remodeling your homes, your bathrooms, your stores, and moreso when building up your dream homes, always consider the importance of integrating lighting fixtures into the building design, because even the dullest place when adorned with lights can turn into some place fantastic.

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