This is just one of those days when a blogger forgot to bring her notes to the grocery and what can be more fitting than writing your inspiration on a cereal box. Actually, I find it hard deciphering what I wrote when I got home because it’s too messy, now I’m calling the manufacturer of this cereal box, to please include a mom blogger’s space at the back of the cereal box next time. Lol.

I beg your indulgence but I own, really a terrible handwriting, hence, was very thankful when email was invented, much more the invention of computers, it saved my face.. wahhhh!

Anyway, nothing much on this side of town except that I’ll be on the park this afternoon for the Women’s International Day celeb. Tata, thanks for dropping by.

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  1. hehehe i enjoyed reading Maam Vernz, baka nga diba makinig ang manufacturer at magkaroon na ng mom's bloggers space sa cereal box.

    thanks for the visit

  2. Hahaha very creative.. Thanks for dropping by sa WP blog ko ate, mwah.. Qucikie lang ito at past 1 am na dito, ito pa ako nagdududkdok sa computer hehehe

  3. galing mo sis. dapat pala ganyan din gawin ko. kase minsan kapag nasa labas ako dami kong naiisip base sa mga nakikita ko. tapos pag-uwi ko sa bahay di ko na maalala. you gave me an idea. =)

  4. nyahahahaha kaayo ra mo request hahaha, bitaw thankful kaayo kay naa nay comp ug type type na lang kay kapoy mag sulat hahaahaha

  5. Vernz, I guess it's a great idea to write on the cereal box, before you forget the inspiration, hehehe....


  6. Hi there Ate vernz, tnx for your lovely comment on my post and tnx for sharing that idea to us...happy ruby tuesday!

  7. Mmm, corn flakes, my favorite breakfast cereals. :)

    You can visit my page at my Ruby Tuesday.

  8. I thought writing made from the manufacturer hehe!
    Red barn

  9. Well that would be nice past time writing in a cereal hehehe here's mine : Mary Anne’s Musings

    Girl Ill be adding you to my new blog here ha?
    My Daily Mumbles

    Can you add me too as well? Thanks

  10. Hi Ate Vernz thanks nga pala. Late visit here busy sa ktwetweak ng blog eh. Sossy ka nga Ate Vernz kc cereal box eh karaniwan kahon ng sigarilyo..haha


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