I used to get addicted with games on this Zuckerberg sort of friendship hive thing, in fact I used to sleep so very late at night without realizing it affected my health, so I employed this self-discipline sort of thing and diverted my spare time to some other worthwhile things online.

But sometimes, just having to type words is truly a bore, I needed to loosen up a bit occasionally, but I did not get into Farmville again this time I tried putting on pieces of jigsaw puzzles online.

Yes! Just like the goodoldays, only you don’t have to squat on the floor looking for the pieces anymore, no more backaches picking up those chips, no more lost pieces after gaming session’s over.

I’m talking about, its a perfect site to spend time to if you want some brain stretching, or challenged it I should say, they housed a wide variety of exciting jigsaw puzzles from nature, to buildings to animals, cars, places and have a range of number of puzzle piece to be played, 30, 50, 100-piece jigsaw puzzles depending on your mood.

They’re updating their gallery every day so you’ll have new theme to work on everyday, for sure you’ll never get bored.

Guess what? My first try was a hit, I banged the best time. My son is also into right now, he’s crazy with cars, he’s struggling hard to beat the best time, I wonder if he’s done now, it’s been minutes already.

So try it yourself, sign-up for a free account now visit, have fun!


  1. bidaw be, ako na i-try hehe pero di nako ipakita kay janjan kay basig ilugan na pod ta ug computer hehe.

    btw. perte nako katawa nimo VErnz kay ang firetruck usa ra ka balde ang maigo...ako bitaw gi-ingnan to si manong nga ngano mang gi alang alang man ni nograles ug donate, ngano mang dili kadtong dagko jud nga track...ingon sya, para daw to sa lugar nga di kaagi ang dako nga firetruck nya kumpleto man ug hose para transfer, transfer lang daw ang tubig nyahahaha.

    ang ako giingon kay manong kay usa ra man ka drum ang igo ana...nya ang imo VErnz kay usa ra jud ka balde nyahaha

  2. hmmm... mosulay sad ko kung walay laing buhaton :)

    Hi Vernz *waves =).. may baby na ko :D


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