Quiet Birthday

Nothing much happening around here lately, except that we're all down to our butts working to bring home a little bacon.

And a quiet celebration of Gelo's 4th Birthday. I can't believe it's been four years since I had him on that scary  operating table, and look at this guy now - knows already how to write his name and brazenly show us how 'to move like jagger', lol.

I really hope we can raise him well, grow-up cool my son!


  1. Oh, he is adorable. And the cake looks delicious.
    I'm sure Gelo is in good hands, being raised by you. He'll be a wonderful combination of cool and kind, creative and caring.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo with us. I have a grand-niece and a grand-nephew who are both 4 now, and I think it's a wonderful age.
    Luv, K

  2. ayay, belated tawon...sos, pagka cute man sa birthday boy!

    musta na te?! miss visiting your blogs...sensya na jud karon lang nakavisit....hope all is well!

  3. Send my belated birthday greetings. Sa red ribbon galing ang cake, so familiar hehehe. Thanks for the visit. Little World of Fun


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