<----- Did you see that? Huh, huh!

That’s me, I was told so in my past life, hahaha… I won’t taunt myself saying that’ll be how I’m gonna be in the next few months – I’m definitely sure I’ll lose my integrity, with so many lip-smacking food around – forgive my soul, I can’t be helped, I just devoured an all American burger [all by myself] at Gino’s grilled burger, never mind the smoke - I’m not sure whether I can keep my words, lol.

I had not been updating this blog – blame it to OC-ness, I wanted something new, that besides me having so much at hand, and how I wish humans would evolve physically having four hands and an eye on the nape, ewww….

Anyway, just want to thank Ryanne for pasting there my life’s frustration, hahaha, seriously, I’m a ‘little’ pressured to be like one …. Waaahhh … what a pain!

Ryanne lives in South Korea and tweaks templates, you can hire her to do yours go over to her blog and see her works.

Thank you, Ry.

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