Graduation Rites

My first born finally made it to graduation, congrats Kuya! I wasn't actually worried whether he'll graduate or not, he'll spend half his life in school so what's the rush - he's way a year ahead of his level so I was a little bit soft on him, but gladly he made it among those whose names were called with description.

I was actually negotiating if I can post his close-up photo here but he kept protesting so I pulled it down, he only agreed to have this photo posted, but I was the one protesting instead, isn't it too early for this photo to be marked a little x or put a little circle on where he is among these lines of earthlings?

Don't bother, trust me he's just there standing somewhere, I need my glasses, can somebody hand it in to me please.Hahaha!


  1. maka comment na lagi diri Vernz hahaha

    btw: di nako makit-an si Lean oi...kinahanglan siguro ko mag lente hehe

    Congrats again kay Kuya Lean.

  2. Awww , you must be very proud t'Vernz. Congratulatons to both of you!


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