Greening the future

I'll be making rounds of those who dropped by here today, thanks guys, I'll return the favor.

These past few days I've been thinkin' green, loadin' green etc. my hands we're full, and was out of my bloggin' dashboard for several days. We've officially started the farm planting and we came short of planting materials, so I was thinking of filling it in with mangosteen ... there are a thousand cash crop seedlings in this nursery, mangos, rambutan, lanzones, durian, etc. - You can buy seedlings from P60 to P150 - your choice of plant height and price.

Cash crop|Flower nursery along Calinan Road, Davao City

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  1. Hi! It was nice to hear from you this week. I guess you've been too green to blog! Your photos of the nursery are beautiful.
    I sure hope you are well.
    Warm thoughts,


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